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Paul Gualtieri, MAS
Brand Recognition Developer,
Paramount Marketing Group

John Awwad
Insurance Representative,
Hershey Insurance Group

Debbie Barnowsky
Sales Manager,
The Phillip Charles Group

Peggy Barry Bartz
Glimmering Whims and Weddings

Rick Catron
Business Development Specialist,
PC Miracles

Michael Crank
Catering Sales Manager
Royal Park Hotel


Trevor Daniel
Commercial Real Estate Advisor,
Vogel Advisors

Kailey Johnson
Job Impulse, Inc.

Ryan Koral
Tell Studios

Marcie Lemieux
Manager, Support Services,
Umicore Autocat USA, Inc.

Stacey Manosky
Director of Sales,
Trion Solutions

Marsha Rasch
Branch Manager,
InTouch Credit Union

Jackie McDonald
Marketing Coordinator,
Gordon Advisors, PC

Brittney Rimmer
Account Manager,
Reliance One

Pat McCarty
Head of School,
Oakland Christian School

Steve Taylor
Marketing Manager,
Servpro of Greater Pontiac

Dr. Sonya Thomas
George Thomas Growth Services LLC

Gale Walney
Elliott Woodworking

Chamber Trustees