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Introducing #NextGeneration is the new and improved Auburn Hills Chamber YP.  Launched in June of 2018, #NextGeneration is a group of young professionals under the age of 35 that meet and connect with other young professionals and shape the next generation of leaders (see what I did there).  Our goal is to provide young professionals, living or working in the community, with the opportunity to expand their network and build lasting business relationships.  We are focused on professional development, community service and enjoying the local social scene.

Membership in #NextGeneration is open to all young professionals of the Auburn Hills Chamber family. #NextGeneration is an exclusive program of The Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce and is designed to encourage and support the growth and development of our area’s young & talented workforce. An Auburn Hills Chamber membership is required to attend #NextGeneration events unless invited by a current member.

Meetings are held every first Tuesday of the month (except July) alternating between #NextGen Night Out and Lunchtime Committee Meetings.  There will also be an annual community focused initiative chosen by the group and will participate in 1-2 community service projects.

If you are interested in joining this group or receiving email updates, please contact Catherine Lewis, the chamber liaison and Business & Event Operations Manager, at (248) 853-7862 or email

If you are interested in sponsoring this group or membership with the chamber, please contact Courtney Woods, Business Development Specialist, at (248) 853-7862 or email